Monday, October 8, 2018

Shenandoah Raises Flag to Recognize National Pierogy Day

Mrs. T's raises flag in Shenandoah to recognize National Pierogy Day.

The event took place Monday 10:00am at borough hall with Chris Dende, Vice President of Human Resources at Ateeco Inc. welcoming the roughly 20 people that attended.

"Ted Twardzik had a vision that was looking at making, and selling something and today we are making a billion pierogies a year" said Dende.

"The root of the word pierogy is peace and festive.  What do we think of when we think of pierogies?  The meatless meal, Christmas Dinner, sitting with family, it's love.  Its about vision, passion, love, and family, that is what we are celebrating" added Dende.

Special guest, William Shafransky, formerly of Shenandoah, was at the event.  He was a delivery boy for Capitol Food Market in Shenandoah from 1950 to 1954 and recalled delivering Mrs. T's pierogies when they were first being sold in stores.  He also brought a model toy of the type of truck he drove at the time.

President of Ateeco Inc. Tom Twardzik and brother Tim were also in attendance and thanked everyone who came.

All attendees received Mrs. T's cups and koozies.

Mrs. T's was started in 1952 by Ted Twardzik Sr. by selling his mother's well known recipe for pierogies.  Ted passed away in November of 2016, and today, Ted's grandson Tom runs the company.

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