Monday, October 8, 2018

Girardville Fire Focuses on Public Safety

On Sunday, the Girardville Fire Department held their Annual Public Safety Day.

The event took place at the Rangers Hose Company on Ogden Street with members of the Rangers Hose, Girard Hose, Girardville Police Department, Mid Penn Bank, and the Schuylkill Elder Abuse Alliance all participated.

The focus of the event was show children what it was like to become a firefighter and what to do if your house or a neighbors house catches.

Children were able to participate in an obstacle course where they pulled hose and were able to use one of the smaller fire hoses to feel what it is like to put out a house fire.

The Girardville Police Department was on hand to meet the children and fingerprint them and Mid-Penn Bank offered face painting.

At the end of the event, the children were invited to a Fire Prevention Program led by Rangers Fire Chief Frank Zangari.

The program informed the children in what they need to in case their house caught fire.  The children learned about developing a meeting location with their families outside of their home and ways to get out in case of a fire. They also learned about the different types of smoke alarms and about the gear fire personnel wear.

The fire department gave a demonstration on to use an escape ladder through a window and also created maze and fill a room with fake smoke to give the closest feeling to crawling out of a fire.