Friday, November 2, 2018

Schuylkill County "Paint the Plow" Artwork Judged

On Friday, judging took place for PennDOT's "Paint the Plow" program at the PennDOT Maintenence Facility for Schuylkill County in Schuylkill Haven.

"Paint the Plow" is a community outreach program in which students are invited to paint a PennDOT snow plow blade with original artwork to represent their individual school. In addition to being visible when in full service during the winter-weather months, the blades will be used within the school's community to enhance public awareness, promote safety, and foster greater appreciation of both PennDOT and the school's art program.

The five plows from Schuylkill County School Districts included North Schuylkill, Shenandoah Valley, Mahanoy Area, Tamaqua Area, and Pine Grove Area.

High School had put hours and hours of work into their project.

"Our students put 45-50 hours of work into their plow",  said Kerri Herring, North Schuylkill art teacher.

"Students worked on the project as part of their portfolio class and after school to complete it", added Herring.

Others also used the plow to show school spirit.

"The students incorporated the Cardinal because they wanted to show their school spirit.  I'm very proud of what they did."  said Pine Grove art teacher Megan Bux.

PennDOT invited the members of the media to Friday's event as judges.  Attending were Skook News, Republican Herald, Shenandoah Sentinel, and South Schuylkill News.  The Republican Herald opted not to participate in the judging.

Judging was based on a 1-10 Scale in five categories including tie to safety, creativity, overall appearance, originality, and theme incorporation.

The theme for the contest was "Don't Crowd the Plow". 

"The program has worked great across Pennsylvania, but this is a first for Schuylkill County", said Sean Brown, District 5 Safety Officer.  

"The Don't Crowd the Plow theme is a great way to get the word out about plow safety", added Brown.

The winners of the contest, as well as the "Fan Favorite", will be announced early next week.

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