Thursday, January 31, 2019

Special Egg Hunt Scheduled for Children with Disabilities

A community in Schuylkill County has come together to create an egg hunt for children with special needs.

Last year, Dustin, a 7 year old boy with autism attended an egg hunt  in Schuylkill County with other children and due to his disability, was unable to get any eggs. He did not have adequate time and the noise of the horn scared him due to a sensory issue.

With the lack of events geared towards individuals with disabilities, Dustin’s mother gathered some friends and sprung into action.  Together they have been planning an egg hunt for kids with special needs for several months.

The event, called Dustin's Special Egg Hunt, is scheduled for April 13th, 2019 and will be held at the South Cass Fire Co grounds just outside Minersville and is open to all Schuylkill County children 16 and under who suffer from a disability.

There will be 3 separate areas with the specific needs of the children in mind.  The event will be limited to children that are hearing or vision impaired, autistic, wheelchair bound, or have down syndrome.

Each child is guaranteed to receive eggs and have an equal opportunity for larger prizes.

Each participant will also receive an Easter Bag sponsored by Mechanicsville Game and Fish and a voucher for food and drink sponsored by Aaron’s Sales and Lease of Pottsville at the event. Mascots and characters in will also be in attendance, along with emergency apparatus on display, and some craft/decorating/coloring areas as well.

Registration forms and waivers are available on our Facebook page “Dustin’s Special Egg Hunt". This event is limited to 300 children and each participant needs to submit a registration form and waiver.

Registration forms can be found at:

Egg hunt starts at 1pm and each group will have a time and area to register and start.

The schedule for events are as followed:
 - Vision impaired 1:00pm start
 - Hearing/Autistic/Down Syndrome 145pm start
 - Wheelchair bound 2:30pm start

They ask that participants register an hour before the start of their hunt.

Organizers are also looking for several sponsors for the event.

If you are interested with your business or in memory/honor of someone, please reach out to us on the Facebook page “Dustin’s Special Egg Hunt”.

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