Friday, February 1, 2019

SCAM ALERT: Pottsville Police Warn Residents About Phone Scam

The Pottsville Police have issued a warning to City and County residents about a phone scam.

According to Chief Richard Wojiechowsky, the Pottsville Bureau of Police was recently made aware of fraudulent solicitations being made by phone in which the caller claims to be representing a “Police Officers Association” and then attempts to solicit money to help retired officers.

Wojiechowsky says this is not a legitimate organization and the phone numbers the callers are using for identification purposes are fake and randomly generated.

As always, never provide any personal information or credit card numbers over the phone to anyone who has called to solicit money or who claims to be with some type of billing or collection agency.

Instead, terminate the call and take any steps necessary to verify the authenticity of the call.


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