Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Schuylkill League Announces 2019 Basketball Playoff Schedule

Schuylkill League Announces Basketball Playoff Schedule

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Lourdes or Mahanoy Area vs. Tamaqua Area  - @ Martz Hall - 6:00pm
Jim Thorpe vs Lourdes or Mahanoy Area - @ Martz Hall - 7:30pm

**Note:  On February 7th, 2019 - Lourdes will play Mahanoy Area - Winner will play Tamaqua/Loser will play Jim Thorpe


Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Lourdes vs. Division 1 Wild Card - @ Martz Hall - 6:00pm
Pottsville vs. D2 or D3 Champion @ Martz Hall -  7:30pm

  • Blue Mountain wins the wild card if it beats Tamaqua on Thursday, February 7th. (Blue Mt could lose on Friday and still earn spot since they would hold tiebreaker over Tamaqua)
  • Tamaqua wins the wild card if it beats Blue Mountain on Thursday AND Panther Valley on Friday  (Blue Mountain defeated Tamaqua in the first meeting)

Playoff Tiebreaker on Monday Evening (Site and time to be determined) if:

  • Tamaqua beats Blue Mountain AND loses to Panther Valley AND Blue Mountain loses to Tamaqua AND defeats Pine Grove Area

  • Mahanoy Area holds tie-breaker vs. Marian
  • Nativity holds tie-breaker vs. Mahanoy Area
  • Nativity defeated Marian in the first meeting
  • Mahanoy Area wins the title with 2 wins (Friday vs Lourdes and Saturday vs Weatherly)
  • Nativity wins the title it beats Marian Friday AND Mahanoy Area loses 1.

3-way tie if:
  • Mahanoy Area loses to Weatherly AND Lourdes and Marian beats Nativity
  • If a three way tie occurs, games would be held on Sunday and Monday to determine the Division 3 Champion.

(Sites and times to be determined)

The team with the highest league power rating would be given a bye into Monday’s game and the two remaining teams would play to determine who plays on Monday.

  • Division 3 will only need a playoff if it is a 3-way tie.

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