Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Startzel Announces Bid for the Tamaqua Area School Board of Directors

Justin Startzel, 29, of Tamaqua, has announced his candidacy for the Tamaqua Area School Board of Directors.
Startzel , a 2009 graduate of Tamaqua Area High School, has been a very active member of the community since volunteering at Tamaqua’s South Ward Playground in his early teens.

During high school, he served as a junior member of Tamaqua Borough Council, then ran a successful campaign for an elected seat on council, taking office in 2012. 

After two years on council Startzel resigned due to his new commitment to the Pennsylvania National Guard where he is still a member, serving with the 109th Alpha Battery based in Plymouth at the rank of E-4/Specialist. He is dual MOS qualified as a 13B (Artillery) and 92Y (Current, Supply.)

If elected, Startzel says he will continue focusing on the efforts to reduce/eliminate bullying, improve school safety, build a solid relationship with administrators and educators, work toward the elimination of property taxes, continue the fight against the opioid crisis and re-establish school librarians and continue to grow music/arts programs.

“Students shouldn’t feel afraid to go to school and or graduate. I was one of the bullied in my younger years of high school and this topic is very important to me. I wasn’t from a well rounded family, and I want to make sure our administration and faculty are doing more than enough to make sure students know they can entrust us to do the right thing." says Startzel.

"I will make sure I educate myself to the very best on current/ future issues, listen, and communicate to come to a common ground on every issue.

I want to build a solid relationship with our educators, who find themselves serving as counselors and parent figures. They must have the essentials to make sure no child is left behind, but also know they themselves are not overwhelmed and have the support they need to continue giving the best education possible." adds Startzel.

Most recently, Startzel has been known for his dedication and passion for his alma mater which led to the creation of the Tamaqua Football page on Facebook, where he live streams many of the district’s sporting events.

Startzel has also organized multiple community pep rallies in the community, and has organized multiple events and fundraiser to spread Raider Pride throughout the Tamaqua Area School District.

”I love Tamaqua. I have a lot of pride. I bleed blue and white. I want to bring that energy and compassion to our district and make sure every student is represented." says Startzel.

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  1. This is someone that a schoolboard needs to back these kids!! Vote startle !! Good luck Justin!!