Thursday, March 21, 2019

Pottsville Police Investigate Shots Fired Over the Weekend

Pottsville Police are investigating two incidents where shots were reported fired early Sunday morning.

According to Pottsville Police Chief Richard Wojciechowsky, on Sunday March 19, 2019 around 2:00am, police were dispatched to 538 N. Centre St. for a report of a gun being fired outside of Sarge’s Bar.

Upon arrival officers spoke to several witnesses who heard the gunshot but had not seen the act occurring.

No evidence of anyone being injured or any property damage in the immediate area was found.

One witness reported seeing a male who was wearing a grey hoodie and grey sweat pants run up to a red vehicle that was parked in the lot across from Sarge’s bar and begin punching the window. The witness said he then observed the male reach inside his waist band and the witness then heard gun shots before the man ran north on North Centre Street.

Other witnesses reported a male wearing clothing of the same description had been involved in an argument inside the bar earlier in the evening and officers recovered one (1) .380 caliber casing from the scene.

On this same day, around 3:40am, police received another report of gunshots being heard in the area of 500 E. Norwegian Street.

Upon immediate police arrival contact was made with witnesses who had heard multiple shots.

One witness reported looking outside after hearing the shots and seeing two males both wearing grey hoodies who ran north through the apartment building lot at 500 E. Norwegian Street while a female was seen running north on Jackson Street.

Again, no evidence of anyone being injured or any property damage in the immediate area was found.

Officers recovered multiple 9mm caliber casings from the scene and the investigation is continuing.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Pottsville Police at 570-622-1234 or 570-628-3792. The caller’s identity will be kept confidential by police if requested.


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