Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mahanoy City Votes to Enact Home Rule

During Tuesday's election, Mahanoy City residents voted whether or not to enact home rule in the borough.

With the final results in, the unofficial final tally was 333 for Yes and 257 for no.

Also on the ballot, borough residents voted for members of the Home Rule commission.  Those results were

 - Thomas McCabe - 425
 - Kenneth Soult Jr. - 347
 - Francis Burke - 307
 - Kayla Henninger - 299
 - Louis Huber - 280
 - Larry Levy - 223
 - Write Ins - 289 (Specific names not released yet)

Now that the borough has voted "yes" for home rule, the members of the commission study will determine if the current form of government is working and make a recommendation to the borough voters on how to move forward.

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