Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Four Facing Charges After Robbing and Assaulting Teen in Shenandoah

Four are facing charges after they allegedly assaulted and robbed a teen in Shenandoah earlier this week.

According to Shenandoah Police, on May 15th, 2019 at 12:20am, an 18-year-old male arrived at the Shenandoah Police Department advising he was robbed.

An investigation revealed that Topanga Berezwick, of Delano, Steven Strouphauer, of Mahanoy City, A 17-year-old juvenile from Mahanoy City, and a 16-year-old juvenile from Frackville, met in Mahanoy City where they began to plan their robbery.

The four individuals planned to have the Berezwick lure the victim out of his house and for her to transport him to a predetermined location where they would assault the victim and steal his sneakers.

The investigation showed that one of the juveniles had Berezwick message the victim to see if he wanted to “hang out.” Berezwick advised the victim that she and “Steve” Strouphauer would pick him up at his parent’s house in West Mahanoy Township. 

Prior to picking the victim up, Berezwick transported the two juveniles to the Vine Street Park in Shenandoah where they would wait for the victim to arrive.

Berezwick and Strouphauer transported the victim to the Vine Street Park where the other two juveniles waited. 

Once they arrived, one of the juveniles approached the rear driver’s side door as the other juvenile approached the rear passenger side. Both juveniles opened the door on their side and began to assault the victim while he was still in the vehicle. Strouphauer took the place of the juvenile on the driver’s side and proceeded to repeatedly strike the victim in the vehicle.

The individuals pulled the victim out of the vehicle and continued to assault him while he was on the ground. The 3 males demanded the victim to give them his shoes and for him empty his pockets. They then stole the victim’s cell phone, wallet, sweatshirt, and sneakers and fled the area leaving the victim in the road.

The two juveniles were taken into custody and transferred to the Juvenile Probation Department.

Steven Strouphauer & Topanga Berezwick will have preliminary hearings scheduled in front of Magisterial District Judge Kilker.

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