Thursday, June 13, 2019

Shenandoah Valley Recycles Tons of Trash through Project

Shenandoah Valley found out recently that they have recycled tons of trash since starting their project.

According to the Shenandoah Valley School District, recycling isn’t just a topic of discussion, it is a practice that the students, faculty and employees utilize on a daily basis. 

In each classroom, office and work areas special bins are placed where paper, cardboard, plastic and other recyclables are deposited. 

Each week, a group of students periodically dump the containers into large outdoor bins provided by Waste Management. 

As of June 4, 2019, Waste Management notified the Shenandoah Valley School District that they recycled 3.8 tons of paper, 2.4 tons of plastic, 0.6 tons of aluminum, 0.1 ton of glass and 5.1 tons of cardboard. 

The Shenandoah Valley recycling project was coordinated by High School Principal Stuart Tripler & Facilities Director Dave Lukashunas. 

Shown in photo L-R: Stuart Tripler, Joseph Karvois, Brandon Zamudio, Will Conroy, Dave Lukashunas,, Alex Deleon Maldonado, Austin Sharp, & Brian Waite SV Superintendent.


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