Sunday, July 14, 2019

Pottsville Celebrates 190 Years of Yuengling

On Saturday, thousands of people took part in the 190th Anniversary celebration of Yuengling in Pottsville.

The event kicked off at 1:00pm at the Yuengling Brewery and Gift Shop. Hundreds of people packed a well stocked beer garden for a taste of Yuengling straight from the brewery itself.  The gift shop was filled with Yuengling fans from all over, purchasing their favorite garb. With each sale, 5% went to Pottsville's Continued Progress Project.

There, the Sixth Generation Yuengling sisters stood talking to fans and welcoming them to the celebration.

"It's great to have the day finally be here.  It's a beautiful day out, its nice to see everyone coming from everywhere. It's awesome!" said Sheryl Yuengling.

"It's a proud day for the city of Pottsville.  For all the hard work that everybody did, coming together, we are honored that people are spending their time and efforts.  We are glad people are enjoying themselves" said Debbie Yuengling.

Those who purchased VIP tickets for the event were treated to a special tour of the brewery and reception in the brewery's tasting room.

Local band,The Boys Upstairs hit Stage A first at 1:30, located in front of the brewery. Vendors lined the streets from the brewery, down Mahantango Street, then down 2nd Street, and West Norwegian Street.

Food trucks lined Progress Avenue from East Norwegian Street to the Main Stage on Laurel Boulevard.

Always up for a good time, local band Toolshed Jack was the next band up and began playing at 4:00pm.

Hooligan hit the main stage as the opening act at 6:00pm, as the thousands who enjoyed the celebration all came together.

After an hour long set, Hooligan lead singer, Keith Collins welcomed the Yuengling sisters to the stage.

Jennifer, Wendy, Sheryl, and Debbie made their way  to the stage each with a Yuengling beer in hand and toasted the crowd and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate.

"On behalf of my sisters and my dad, we are so thrilled to celebrate our 190th anniversary right here in the city of Pottsville with you, our Yuengling fans.  At 190 Years, there are not a lot of companies that can say that." said Debbie Yuengling.

"Please join us, raise a glass, we are going toast everyone who works so hard to make today possible and to you all for getting us here, to 190 years" toasted Debbie.

A short time later,national known band,  Better than Ezra hit the stage with fans gathering together, to enjoy the last band of the already jam packed day.

The New Orleans based, 90's alternative band  played their hits "Good" and "Desperately Wanting" and covered songs such as "Tiny Dancer", "I'm Gonna Be", and covered songs by world wide popular band,  Rush.

The night concluded with fireworks provided by the City of Pottsville and displayed by Bixler Pyrotechnics, Ashland.

Story and Photos by J. Reed.

Check out our photos from throughout the day

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