Sunday, October 13, 2019

14 Year Old Drives Vehicle to Frackville; Sheers Off Sign, Flees Scene

A 14 year old was found to have taken a vehicle and struck a sign near Frackville on Sunday.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police at Frackville, on Sunday, October 13, 2019 around 3:15pm a 14 year old from Ashland had taken a Chevrolet Equinox without permission, then headed towards Frackville.

Police say the teen was heading northbound on Route 61 (West Oak Street) in Butler Township near Frackville and came upon the 3 way intersection with  7th Street and Frackville Street.

The teen reportedly intended to turn left but slid through the intersection into a grassy area shearing off a "Fire Station Ahead" sign.

The teen then fled the scene with police finding the vehicle parked approximately 3 blocks away.

Police say the teen will be charged.

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