Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Over $700,000 in Aid Released to Support Schuylkill County Volunteer Firefighters

On Tuesday, Auditor General Eugene DePasquale announced he has released nearly $60 million in aid to support volunteer firefighters across Pennsylvania – a nearly $5 million increase over last year.

Over $700,000 of that will be going to Schuylkill County communities.

“State aid provided to volunteer firefighters’ relief associations helps dedicated first responders save lives and protect our communities,” DePasquale said during a visit to the Steelton Fire Department in Dauphin County. “The state funding I am announcing today will help provide life-saving equipment, critical training and insurance for tens of thousands of volunteer firefighters all across the state.”

Under DePasquale’s 2019 state aid distribution, 2,518 municipalities received $59.99 million for distribution to volunteer firefighters’ relief associations (VFRAs). The funding comes from a 2 percent state tax on fire insurance premiums purchased by Pennsylvania residents from out-of-state insurance companies.

“For the first time since I took office, VFRA funding has increased over the previous year,” DePasquale said. “The additional funding is good news to volunteer firefighters who have had to weather some hits in state aid over the past few years.”

DePasquale repeated his call for the General Assembly to consider giving VFRAs greater flexibility to use the state aid they receive in ways that meet specific local needs. Current state law tightly restricts how the money may be spent.

“I want to make sure that the law governing the use of state aid is keeping up with changes in how fire services are provided,” he said.

Act 118 of 2010 governs the overall operation of volunteer firefighter relief associations, which are legally separate from the fire departments they support. State aid provided under the law is intended to solely benefit volunteer firefighters.

In addition to distributing the funding to VFRAs, the Department of the Auditor General also audits those organizations to ensure state aid is spent appropriately. The state aid was distributed to municipalities on Sept. 16 and must be transferred to VFRAs within 60 days of receipt.

The following amounts will be paid to Schuylkill County communities totaling $710,184.40.

Ashland Borough - $10,775.44
Auburn Borough $3,250.10
Barry Township $5,551.07
Blythe Township $3,912.44
Branch Township $8,769.06
Butler Township $23,687.24
Cass Township $11,226.65
Coaldale Borough $8,354.39
Cressona Borough $7,706.55
Deer Lake Borough $3,593.73
Delano Township $2,051.70
East Brunswick Township $12,373.77
East Norwegian Township $5,972.15
ast Union Township $13,813.43
Eldred Township $5,429.32
Foster Township $3,111.9
Frackville Borough $15,153.50
Frailey Township $1,992.46
Gilberton Borough $2,579.45
Girardville Borough $5,121.17
Gordon Borough $3,106.95
Hegins Township $18,429.35
Hubley Township $5,637.64
Kline Township $7,257.54
Landingville Borough $709.54
Mahanoy City Borough $14,199.82
Mahanoy Township $10,704.99
McAdoo Borough $8,613.23
Mechanicsville Borough $1,944.35
Middleport Borough $1,538.73
Minersville Borough $16,121.34
New Castle Township $2,303.87
New Philadelphia Borough $4,084.33
New Ringgold Borough $1,201.49
North Manheim Township $21,543.28
North Union Township $9,080.51
Norwegian Township $14,057.37
Orwigsburg Borough $15,731.02
Palo Alto Borough $4,066.62
Pine Grove Borough $9,898.91
Pine Grove Township $22,761.69
Port Carbon Borough $7,598.70
Port Clinton Borough $1,301.48
Porter Township $9,824.83
Pottsville City $58,561.67
Reilly Township $3,036.75
Ringtown Borough $3,562.62
Rush Township $21,496.75
Ryan Township $11,063.68
Schuylkill Haven Borough $22,237.75
Schuylkill Township $4,583.07
Shenandoah Borough $17,155.80
South Manheim Township $17,006.94
St Clair Borough $12,118.85
Tamaqua Borough $26,735.77
Tower City Borough $5,337.72
Tremont Borough $6,738.60
Tremont Township $3,232.31
Union Township $7,540.55
Upper Mahantango Township $5,399.86
Walker Township $6,519.02
Washington Township $17,589.29
Wayne Township $30,177.58
West Brunswick Township $22,373.09
West Mahanoy Township $12,434.53
West Penn Township $29,139.09

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