Sunday, January 19, 2020

Shenandoah Borough Officials Ask Residents to Stay Clear of Friday's Fire Scene

Shenandoah Borough officials have asked residents to stay clear of Friday's fire scene on East Lloyd Street.

Friday's fire in the 100 block of East Lloyd Street at the former United Wiping Cloth Plant has left a mess for officials and has led to numerous calls back to the fire scene still smoldering.  Three official rekindle calls has prompted at least one fire engine back to the scene along with other numerous calls for a fire officials to check out the scene.

Late Sunday, Shenandoah Fire Marshal Rick Examitas released a statement to borough residents for them to stay clear of the scene and to only call if high flames are visible.

His full statement is below:

Attention Borough Residents:

The Shenandoah Fire Department has been back on the scene of 125 E Lloyd Street numerous times since Friday's fire. The building continues to smolder resulting in smoke in the area and at times some glow of fire. The roof collapse has trapped flammable materials that continue to burn resulting in the smoldering. At this point we have no choice but to let it burn itself out. The building is not safe for us to enter. The large amounts of water put on the fire is now heavy ice which compromises the structure as well .

For the safety of the firefighters and the community at large we ask that you avoid this property and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone enter the property. Please refrain from calling the fire department unless you see high flames or anything that would endanger residents or another structure. We will continue to have personnel monitoring the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Shenandoah Fire Chief & Marshals

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