Monday, May 18, 2020

SCHUYLKILL GRADUATES: Mahanoy Area Class of 2020

Recognizing the Mahanoy Area Class of 2020.

The Mahanoy Area School District will graduate 68 during a virtual graduation on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 at 7:00pm.

Class Motto: "Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime we'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find these are the best of times" - Styx

Class Song:  Good Riddance by Green Day

Class Flower:  Sunflower

Class Colors:  Black and Gold

Photos and Information Submitted by the Mahanoy Area School District. Thank you for working with Skook News to make this post possible.


Aldsworth, Michael

Astor, Brian

Bettis, Taylor

Bowers, Chase

Bran, Katherine

Campbell, Quentin

Darosh, Sarah

Denchy, Madison

Emerich, Michael

Feliciano, Allen

Fifth, Taylor

Fisher, Michael

Fowler, John

Gnall, Parker

Hannock, Brooke

Heckman, Lexie

Hoherchak, Creed

Honus, Caitlin

Howe, Kayla
Jadosh, Jaidyn

Johnson, Lois

Jones, Haley

Karmonick, Jordan

King, Devyn

Kulpa, Justin
Lawrence, Daniel

Lawrence, Emily

Lehman, Jared

Levy, Brandi L.

Long, Shay

Manjone, Myles

Marcellus, Karl
Martin, Anthony

Martin, Payton J.

Mazalusky, Chase

McCarthy, Robert

McGuire, Hunter

McKenzie, Justina

McKoy, Darrell

Mease, Christopher

Merchlinsky, Anthony

Miller, Alexis

Miller, Shane

Molina, Ariel

Parson, Millenium

Perez, Alexis

Price III, Thomas R.

Quick, Samuel

Sillers, Emily

Sippie, Darrell

Soriano, Adam

Soult, Cole

Spalti, Nicole

Stone, Caitlin

Streisel, Cole

Timko, Colin

Vargas, Johnsel

Wall, Hadyn

Wanamaker, Joseph

Additional Graduates Not Pictured:

Karly Card
Alex Drexel
Sierra Hannon
Angela Kane
Angel Maldonado
Ricardo Maldonado
Zachary Rudiman
Shawn Vazquez
Isaac Williams

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