Saturday, July 4, 2020

Over Two Dozen Cats Seized from Property in Valley View

Over two dozen cats were seized from a property on Friday in Valley View.

According to Hillside SPCA officials, 27 cats were seized from the shed of a home in the 100 unit block of South Fairlane Road, Valley View, in Hegins Township late Friday.

Officials said that an anonymous tip was received about cats that were being locked in a shed on the property.  A humane officer investigated the incident earlier Friday and through a shed window, was able to see a cat in distress.

The findings were reported to Hegins Township Police that obtained a search warrant and police along with Hillside SPCA responded to the property late Friday.

According to Tricia Moyer-Mentzer, of the Hillside SPCA, 27 living cats were seized from the shed along with 3 umbilical deceased baby cats, and 2 1/2 carcasses.  One other cat died while on the way to the veterinarian.

Moyer-Mentzer said that the cats were locked in the shed and unable to escape.

"The temperature inside the shed was probably over 100 degrees, it was just horrible" said Moyer-Mentzer.

Hegins Township Police said charges will be announced once the investigation was complete.  As of midday Saturday, no information was available.

Moyer-Mentzer also said this was nothing like she has ever seen before, "As for cats in a shed, this is a new one,  we have seen people hoard cats in their home but cats that appear to be feral in cats.  It's going to be quite the undertaking to get them back to the shelter with several appear to be pregnant and other missing some if not all of their fur."

The Hillside SPCA is looking for donations to help with food and care for the cats.  Anyone wishing to donate can contact them by calling (570) 622-7769.

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