Tuesday, June 1, 2021

SCHUYLKILL GRADUATES: Williams Valley Class of 2021

Williams Valley will graduate 80 Seniors in the Class of 2021.
Class Officers:
President- Alex Bogle
Vice-President: Ivy Daniels
Secretary- Olivia Savage
Treasurer: Elyssa Yeagley
Historian: Raegan Laszczyk

Flower: Peony
Quote: “It is what it is.”
Song: “See You Again”- Wiz Khalifa
Colors: Midnight Blue and Orchid
Class Advisors: Miss Amy Oestreich and Mrs. Rebecca Carroll
Number of Graduates: 79
Baccalaureate: June 6, 2021 @ 4 PM in the High School Auditorium

Class Night Celebration: June 9, 2021 @ 7PM in the High School Auditorium

Graduation: June 11, 2021 @ 7:30 PM in Viking Stadium. (All guidelines will follow the current Williams Valley Health and Safety Plan at the time of Graduation. Tickets to attend graduation will be distributed to the seniors.)

Graduation Speaker: Mrs. Susan Clough: Sue was a 1979 graduate of Williams Valley High School. She spent her entire teaching career at Williams Valley where she served as a History teacher for 3 1/2 years and then became a School Counselor for the past 17 ½ years. During those years, Sue also served as an active member and coordinator of the Student Assistance Team and served four years as a Regional Representative to the PA School Counselors Association.

Carson Barry

McKenzie Bender

Kobe Bettinger

Alex Bogle

Cory Buchanan

Cheyenne Buckles

Ernest Burt

Isabella Carl

Jacqueline Chamberlain

Emma Crisswell

Ivy Daniels

Joseph Darker

Timothy Deats

Corey Engle

Jesse Engle

Mason Evans

Emily Filosa

Kaden Galbraith

Emily Gergely

Karan Girard

Caleb Gonder

Jackie Hashman

Bryce Herb

Jacob Herman

Tristan Jillard

Makaila Jones

Haylee Keister

Bronson Kelly

Emily Kiner

Toni Klinger

Meg Kobularik

Austin Koons

Owen Koons

Raegan Laszczyk

Oakley Lords

Aleah Lucas

Caleb Machamer

Rachelle Madenford

Ravyn Malone

Hailey McCurley

Emily McEntee

Logan Miller

Claire Morgan

Tori Rabuck

Colin Rafferty

Emily Rautzahn

Faith Rebuck

Trevor Reitenbach

Evelyn Ruch

Zachery Rudy

Kareana Sattler

Olivia Savage

Lainie Shoop

Erica Sims

Kylie Snyder

Joesph Spontarelli

Timothy Stella

Joshua Stoner

Allison Stroup

Destiny Taft

Tanner Talmadge

Zoe Teter

Anna Underkoffler

Zakary Underkoffler

Britnie Weaver

Andrew Welker

Christopher White

Jocelyn White

Alexis Witmer

Austin Witmer

Elyssa Yeagley

Graduating Seniors not photographed
  • Destiny DuBois
  • Taelor Fiedler
  • Wyatt Landeck
  • Autumn Linde
  • Jayce Livinghouse
  • Logan Mitchell
  • Amanda Rychwalski
  • Alanis Valentin Luciano
  • Tempest Wagner