Sunday, August 1, 2021

Big Diamond Speedway Results - 07/30/2021

Timmy Buckwalter back to victory lane at Big Diamond. Doug Hendricks, Jonathan Swift and Alex Schoffstall also winners.
Mother Nature provided a picture-perfect night for racing as Big Diamond Speedway presented the Dave Kamp Memorial. Standing in victory lane at the end of the night was Timmy Buckwalter as he returned to victory for the first time since the season opener as he won the 25-lap Insigner Performance Modified main event over a hard charging Ryan Krachun. Doug Hendricks was the winner of the U.S.S. Achey Open Sportsman feature with Jonathan Swift taking his second win of the season in the Savage 61 Crate Sportsman and Alex Schoffstall continued his year of excellence as won another Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner main event.

Pole sitter Mike Lisowski led the field to the green and takes off to lead the way as second-place starter Craig Von Dohren still in search of win number 100 at Big Diamond following right on Lisowski’s bumper. Lisowski and Von Dohren raced side by side for the opening laps of the race with Lisowski running the middle and CVD working the inside. Finally on lap ten Von Dohren was able to make the pass for the lead count as he raced underneath Lisowski to take away the lead with a hard charging Mike Gular doing the same a couple of laps later to take second. The first yellow of the race was displayed on lap 14.

Back to racing and Von Dohren charges out front with Gular in tow as Timmy Buckwalter was now into the mix and past Lisowski and up to third. A lap 16 yellow slowed the pace as Rick Laubach rolled to a stop on the back. Buckwalter used the restart to his advantage as he was able to move past Gular who bobbled in turn two and immediately goes after Von Dohren. The two veterans were putting on a show for the fans as Buckwalter was a rocket on the inside. Buckwalter’s persistence paid off as Von Dohren missed the mark between turns three and four allowing Buckwalter to streak past and into the lead on lap 17.

While the fans were focusing on the race up front, Ryan Krachun who dropped out of the top ten on the initial restart after starting fourth was a man on a mission as he moved past Gular into third then went after Von Dohren who’s car was starting to get tight in the turns. Krachun moved past Von Dohren then starting to reel in the leader Buckwalter with five laps to go. Krachun had the car, but the wily veteran Buckwalter is hard to pass when he has the lead, but Krachun wasn’t giving up and on the last lap the No. 29K made a strong inside move between turns three and four for the win. The leaders made contact, but it was Buckwalter who emerged the winner to take his second win of the year. Krachun once again finished second with Von Dohren, Gular and last weeks winner Jeff Strunk rounding out the top five.

“I have to say hat’s off to my guys, we broke the bird cage in the heat, and we had to thrash to get this car back together again,” said a victorious Buckwalter. “But we were very organized and didn’t panic and stuck to our game plan. With about five to go I started to lose brakes and the pedal got soft, so I had to start backing it down. I knew somebody was there, but I knew if they were going to pass me it had to be on the outside. You know we’ve kind of been points racing lately and a good friend of mine Gary Spotts sent me a text today saying you know what Tim, quit points racing and get yourself a win. So, hats off for him saying that to me and thank you to Norm Saxton for allowing me to drive such a fast race car.”

Doug Hendricks was back on top as he dominated the non-stop 20-lap U.S.S. Achey Open Sportsman feature race. Mike Toth would take the lead from his pole starting spot as the seventh place starting Hendricks made his way through the field. Hendricks was letting it all hand out up on the high side and on lap ten went around Toth to take the lead. Hendricks would continue to rip the lip and dominate the remaining ten laps to take the win over Ken Eckert, Tajae Adams, Tanner Vandoren and Toth.

In the 20-lap Savage 61 Crate 602 main event it was the always entertaining Jonathan Swift winning his second race of the year. Swift would take the lead on the start from his front row starting spot. Eric Palmer and Danny Buccafusca would chase the leader swift in the closing laps of the race and close ground, but it was Swift holding on for the win over Palmer, Buccafusca, Kyle Kania and last week’s winner Doug Smith.

Once again, it was Alex Schoffstall parking his No. 77 in victory lane after another dominating performance. Dave Daubert led the way until lap three with TJ Fitzpatrick would take over the top spot. Lap eight saw the red flag displayed as Damion Dusheck went for a ride, driver was okay. Schoffstall who had worked his way up to second rocketed past Fitzpatrick on the restart to lead the way. A lap eleven restart would see Fitzpatrick surprise Schoffstall and retake the lead. Fitzpatrick gave it all he had to stay in front as Kris Ney now joins the battle. Schoffstall was finally able to get back by Fitzpatrick to take the lead back and go on to take the win. Kris Ney finished second with Fitzpatrick having to settle for third. Jim Kost and Andrew Fayash III competed the top five.

Full results from July 30, 2021 – Dave Kamp Memorial

Insigner Performance Modifieds: 1. Timmy Buckwalter 2. Ryan Krachun 3. Craig Von Dohren 4. Mike Gular 5. Jeff Strunk 6. Duane Howard 7. Mike Lisowski 8. Alex Yankowski 9. Louden Reimert 10. Nick Rochinski 11. Shawn Fitzpatrick 12. Cole Stangle 13. Kevin Beach Jr. 14. Scott Albert 15. Dominick Buffalino 16. Heath Metzger 17. Mike Behm 18. Rick Laubach 19. Brett Kressley 20. Cliff Quinn 21. Kerry Fritz 22. Shawn Light 23. Cory Renninger DNS Dillon Steuer (feature) & Jared Umbenhauer (heat)

Modified Heat Winners: Nick Rochinski, Louden Reimert & Ryan Krachun

Modified Bonus: The Dog Pound $300 Winner Bonus – Timmy Buckwalter

Modified Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Timmy Buckwalter ($100), Ryan Krachun ($75) & Craig Von Dohren ($50)

U.S.S. Achey Open Sportsman: 1. Doug Hendricks 2. Ken Eckert Jr. 3. Tajae Adams 4. Tanner Van Doren 5. Mike Toth 6. Ed Mrochko 7. Mike Schneck 8. Brandon Edgar 9. Tim Fitzpatrick 10. Mark Gaugler 11. Jamie Shea 12. Tyler Reber 13. Glenn Rowan 14. Jeremy Hertzog 15. Wes Brady 16. Gary Grim

Open Sportsman Heat Winners: Tim Fitzpatrick & Tajae Adams

Open Sportsman Bonus Winners: Doug Hendricks – Pioneer Pole Buildings $500 winner bonus – Doug Hendricks, Red White and Blue Autos $150 Hard Charger Bonus – Doug Hendricks, Red White and Blue Autos $150 Halfway Leader Bonus – Doug Hendricks

Open Sportsman Penske Gift Certificate Winners: Doug Hendricks ($100), Ken Eckert Jr. ($50) & Tajae Adams ($25)

Savage 61 Crate 602 Sportsman: 1. Jonathan Swift 2. Eric Palmer 3. Danny Buccafusca 4. Kyle Kania 5. Doug Smith 6. Daryl Dissinger 7. Steve Lyle 8. Kevin Graver Jr 9. Ray Woodall Jr 10. Anthony Raisner 11. Shon Elk 12. Chad Putalavage 13. Paulie Hartwig III 14. Hunter Iatalese 15. Craig Cuneo 16. Josh Mooney 17. Decker Swinehart 18. Tyler Peet 19. Ryan Conrad 20. Robin Wagner 21. Steve Sterner 22. Marty Shappell

Crate Sportsman 602 Heat Winners: Kyle Kania & Jonathan Swift

Crate 602 Bonus Winners: Ken’s Tire $400 winner Bonus – Jonathan Swift, Ed’s USA $150 Hard Charger Bonus – Kevin Graver Jr, Port Bar & Grill $150 Halfway Bonus – Jonathan Swift

Crate 602 Penske Shocks Gift Certificate Winners: Jonathan Swift ($100), Eric Palmer ($75) & Danny Buccafusca ($50)

Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners: 1. Alex Schoffstall 2. Kris Ney 3. TJ Fitzpatrick 4. Jim Kost 5. Andrew Fayash III 6. Terry Kramer 7. Matt Ney 8. Tod Roth Jr 9. Tonya Lance 10. CJ Ferguson 11. Kyle Wingle 12. Jarod Bassininsky 13. Joe Bassininsky 14. Mark Martini 15. Dave Daubert 16. Dave Schultz 17. Damion Dusheck 18. Chuck Eckert 19. Ronny Suhr Jr

Roadrunner Heat Winners: Matt Ney & Kris Ney

Roadrunner Bonus Awards: Detweiler Towing $100 Winner Bonus – Alex Schoffstall, Murphy Race Car Fabrication $100 Hard Charger Bonus – Terry Kramer, Healing Hands Chiropractic $150 Halfway Leader Bonus – Alex Schoffstall, Detweiler Towing $100 Hard Luck Award – Damion Dusheck