Friday, October 15, 2021

Flood Mitigation Efforts in Tremont Township, Pine Grove Area, Supported by New State Grant

According to Senator Argall's and Representative Kerwin's Offices, a $240,000 grant was awarded to the Schuylkill Conservation District to support a streambank restoration project for the Swatara Creek floodplain in Tremont Township.

The project is part of an ongoing effort to curb the flooding issues that have affected residents of western Schuylkill County for years.

“This project is part of the ongoing, dedicated effort to reduce the impact of the floods that have plagued the people of this region,” said Argall. “I’m thankful this state funding was awarded to this well-deserving project.”

“It is important to see that Schuylkill Conservation District is receiving these grant funds from the Department of Environmental Protection,” said Kerwin. “I am glad to see these funds going towards the restoration projects in Tremont Township. After the last few years of heavy storms and rain damage, these projects will serve to mitigate future storms and flooding in our area.”

“An excellent opportunity to build on previous and ongoing flood mitigation work to further reduce flooding in the Pine Grove community,” said Wayne Lehman, the County Natural Resource Specialist for the Schuylkill Conservation District.

Senator Argall and Rep. Kerwin hosted a public hearing in Schuylkill Haven in August discussing continuing efforts to clean up local waterways, with one of the topics being flooding concerns. This grant award from the PA Department of Environmental Protection will support the solutions discussed at the event.


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