Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Blue Mountain High School Student Suspended After Posting Threat on Snapchat

The Blue Mountain School District notified parents on Wednesday about a threat the district handled on Tuesday.

According to a message to parents, on Tuesday, school administration learned that a male student made threatening comments on Snapchat about his desire to "Start a school shooting".

The district stated in a letter, "Upon receipt of this information, school district officials immediately detained the student, completed a thorough search of the student and locker, contacted guardians, and reported the incident to the Pennsylvania State Police."

The student was said to be sent home with his guardians.

The school also said that a representative of the Juvenile Probation Office and a representative of County Crisis Intervention went to the student's home and removed any firearms.

The student is currently suspended until further notice.

"Please know that all steps have been taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff of the high school." said Superintendent David H. Helsel.

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