Saturday, December 25, 2021

Candy Canes from Mr. Kane

A man from Ashland continued a tradition he has done for decades in the borough of Ashland, just in a little different way than he is used to.

If you reside, or shop in the Ashland area in the past decade, there is a good chance you've ran into Ed Kane somewhere around town.  He's the kind of guy to always greet you with a smile, shake your hand, and always offer you a piece of candy.  A common line of his is "I've got my eye on you!" as he hands you a gumball eyeball. 

But at Christmas time, everyone loves to run into him because starting Black Friday, he begins handing out Candy Canes instead of his usual candy.  Ed's family says it would be nothing for him to leave for the grocery store and be gone for hours, just because he was handing out his candy canes.

Ed says in 2021, he will be handing out Candy Canes for 41 years.  With his last name being Kane, he says it was only right to make it a tradition each year and spread some Christmas cheer.  

Before retiring, Ed worked at the State House of Representatives where he was well known to passing out his candy canes in the Capitol in Harrisburg.  So much so, that he was asked to read the story of the Candy Cane to the House Delegation 20 years ago and received a standing ovation.

Due to health problems, Ed was unable to venture out to his usual locations to see his friends over the holidays to hand out candy canes this year.  His family had an idea though.  Since he was unable to go out to see them, why not have his friends come see him.

This past Tuesday, the Ashland American Legion, where Ed is also a member and veteran, allowed him and his family to use the post as a location for his friends to stop by and visit.

Dozens of his friends came by, picked out there favorite flavor of candy cane and as tradition, Ed handed over the candy.  A steady stream of Ed's friends came by talked with him and laughed and shared stories of the times they received candy from him in previous years.  Some even bringing their children to allow a new generation to see meet Mr. Kane and keep the tradition alive.

Ed hopes to continue the tradition in years to come.

Finally, from Skook News, thank you for the candy cane Mr. Kane.

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