Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Congressman Dan Meuser Responds to Remarks Made by President Joe Biden in Reference to Republicans

On Wednesday, Congressman Dan Meuser offered an open letter to President Joe Biden about recent remarks he made in reference to Republicans.

Mr. President, you recently said, “As Democrats, we know what we’re for, while Republicans don’t seem to be for anything.” I’d like to respond.

Republicans stand for our Constitution and for Law & Order as the basis of our society. We are, therefore, against your administration circumventing the Constitution with Executive Orders and we oppose your tacit support for Democrat-run cities where crime is at record levels and “smash and grab” criminals receive no penalty. Every act of violence should be condemned whether conducted in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, or Minneapolis, yet we saw your and other Democrats’ soft on crime instincts last summer as riots destroyed American cities.

Republicans stand for national security, including a robust national defense, a secure border, and strength in critical industries. Your administration has allowed a secure border to languish into an immigration crisis. You have systematically dismantled our energy independence, killing jobs, weakening us as a nation, and strengthening our adversaries.

Republicans speak definitively on national security, but your administration makes excuses and empty promises. Serious dangers now exist between China and Taiwan, Russia and Ukraine, and between Iran and the entire Middle East. Your mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal emboldened our adversaries to take aggressive actions. It is now more critical than ever that you reassure our allies with actions that demonstrate the strength of our resolve.

We are for a strong economy which is only possible when U.S. businesses are thriving. Your policies have created a labor shortage, higher inflation, bottlenecks at our ports, an increasing trade deficit, and a cloud of threatening new taxes and regulations. This is no way to help small businesses recover.

Republicans stand for empowering our schools to put students first with great educators and real accountability. We oppose secretly inserting political agendas into school curriculums. A great education is the best investment our country can make in its future and to secure this investment we need to put kids first and with parental partnership. Curriculum should escalate in difficulty in every subject and include technical and mechanical skill development. In my day, I had “shop” where we learned practical skills like rebuilding lawnmowers, making simple furniture in woodshop, and even fixing pipes. Today’s students should grasp these practical skills as well as be exposed to those that define the future like mathematics, science, computing, history, and writing. We need passionate educators, not passive indoctrination.

Mr. President, Republicans stand for fiscal responsibility. Both parties are guilty of overspending and this must change, but the excessive taxes and spending you propose in your Build Back Better scheme threatens our country’s future. We need to maintain a safety net for American citizens who need it, but when the safety net becomes a hammock, there is a problem.

Under President Trump, Republicans were accused of giving the rich a tax break. I’ve run the numbers: all income levels and employers of all sizes in every industry experienced a sizable tax cut that helped to grow our economy and wages for everyone. Your plan raises taxes on the American people to spend their money on what you think is best. This is not what built America. Government did not build America, the people did.

We support smart transportation and infrastructure spending, keeping Social Security and Medicare on a sustainable footing, and we believe in one citizen, one vote and we’ll defend voting access as strongly as we support voter integrity.

Perhaps Mr. President you believe in some of these same ideals, most Americans do. But your policies run contrary to the outcomes we need to be a healthy and competitive nation. Unfortunately, your message to the American people has been entirely divisive; in fact, your Vice President talks about Republicans like we are the enemy.

As Abraham Lincoln said, a House divided against itself cannot stand. Please consider these thoughts.

Congressman Dan Meuser