Friday, December 24, 2021

Pennsylvania State Police Welcomes 59 New Troopers

Colonel Robert Evanchick, commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, announced on Thursday that 59 cadets graduated from the State Police Academy in Hershey and have been assigned to troops across the commonwealth. The men and women represent the 162nd graduating cadet class.
The ceremony returned to the Scottish Rite Cathedral in Harrisburg for the first time since December 2019 in front of a limited amount of family members. Cadet Matthew J. Condrad spoke on behalf of the graduating class. 

"All of the men and women we celebrated today obtained the most important rank, the rank of Trooper," said Colonel Evanchick. "The long-standing tradition of providing the finest police services throughout the commonwealth is now bestowed upon them. May they all uphold the service, integrity, respect, trust, courage, and duty of the force."

Five cadets received special awards and recognition:
  • The American Legion Award, presented to the most outstanding cadet in recognition of all-around academic, physical, ethical, and moral qualifications: Matthew J. Condrad
  • The Colonel Ronald M. Sharpe Award, presented to the cadet who most exemplifies the qualities of leadership: Jeremy J. Seabridge
  • The Colonel John K. Schafer Award, presented to the cadet who achieved the highest combined score on a series of physical skills tests: Timothy J. Shields
  • The Commissioner Daniel F. Dunn Award, presented to the cadet who earned the highest level of academic achievement in the class: Melvin L. Eby III
  • The Colonel Paul J. Chylak Award, presented to the cadet who demonstrated the highest proficiency in driver safety training: Christopher A. Cashin
  • The Sergeant Charles B. Gesford Award, presented to the cadet who scored the highest on the department's pistol qualification course: Matthew J. Condrad
The graduates have been assigned to the following stations:

Troop A, Greensburg
  • Joseph V. Churner
Troop B, Belle Vernon
  • Jessica M. Bishop
  • Matthew V. Ferraro
  • Cody R. Stemrich
  • Jason M. Stover
  • Ally N. Wilson
Troop B, Uniontown
  • Brian F. Beauchemin
  • Shane T. Dorner
  • Gabriel B. Gresko
  • Christopher R. Keffer
  • Joshua Keiper
  • John W. Lance
  • Joshua E. Pavlosky
  • James A. Pierce II
  • Jacob D. Richards
  • Jeffrey J. Schlasta
Troop B, Pittsburgh
  • William O. Alua
  • Nathan D. Bartel
Troop B, Waynesburg
  • Chase W. Colucci
  • Cody H. Karaman
Troop C, Lewis Run
  • Brandon J. Long
  • Kevin M. Shaffer
Troop C, Punxsutawney
  • Alexis J. Stitt
  • Alexander S. Watters
Troop C, Ridgway
  • Brandt M. Beck
Troop D, Kittanning
  • Christian M. Kovach
  • Erica Nearhoof
  • Darryl G. Webb Jr.
Troop E, Corry
  • Dane S. Barker
Troop E, Erie
  • Matthew R. Wier
Troop E, Girard
  • Trevor J. Gallo
  • Ryan M. Northcott
Troop F, Coudersport
  • Melvin L. Eby III
  • Bryce A. Reichenbach
Troop F, Stonington
  • Jeffrey A. Brown
Troop H, Chambersburg
  • Shane E. Clark
  • Morgan E. Kaschak
  • Gregory J. Monaghan
  • Timothy J. Shields

Troop H, Harrisburg
  • Matthew J. Condrad
  • Michael T. Frick

Troop J, Avondale
  • Jeffrey F. Beach
  • Christopher A. Cashin

Troop J, Lancaster
  • George F. Puma

Troop J, York
  • Alecia I. Rohrer

Troop K, Philadelphia
  • Nathanael Fre
  • Nicholas T. Fusco
  • Lucas P. Metzger
  • Anthony J. Pickens
  • Andrew Tsai

Troop K, Skippack
  • Rebecca L. Lengvarsky
  • Kole S. Rodrigues

Troop P, Laporte
  • Brad M. Kalinowski
  • Jeremy J. Seabridge

Troop P, Towanda
  • Brett M. Cohen
  • Alexander K. Gushka
  • Craig P. Kalinoski Jr.
  • Steven S. Marianelli
  • Matthew J. Mondak