Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Schuylkill DA Warns County Residents About Theft and Fraud Scams

Schuylkill County District Attorney Michael O'Pake is warning County residents about potential acts of theft and fraud.

District Attorney O'Pake says these acts are being committed against Senior Citizens, however, all citizens can be potential targets.

Reports have been received where individuals are preying on the sympathy and emotions of senior citzens and requesting financial assistance for family members allegedly in distress.

While these types of situations are completely realistic, anyone who is notified, should verify if any family emergency actually exists.

O'Pake says "If you should receive a telephone call, email, or other communication regarding people attempting to sell, provide, or furnish any service, subscription, or product that you feel is a potential fraud, do not provide any personal, credit, or banking information"

If you have received a phone call or you feel you have been scammed, contact your local police department and provide them with any information you may have received from the individual.