Friday, January 7, 2022

First Significant Winter Weather Drops 3-4 Inches of Snow on Schuylkill County; Brings Frigid Temps with It

Schuylkill County's first significant winter weather for 2022 closed schools, caused some traffic problems, and brought some REALLY cold temperatures with it.

Late Thursday/Early Friday's weather what a hot topic of discussion this past week.  As kids left school on Thursday, many Schuylkill County school districts had begun to put the plans in place to hold virtual school days on Friday.

By Thursday morning, weather models and forecasts showed the storm was expected to start after dark on Thursday and stop before daybreak Friday.

By 6:00pm, Thursday a handful of schools like Shenandoah Valley, Marian Catholic, and Gillingham Charter announced closures with asynchronous learning AKA, VIRTUAL.  The remaining districts announced 2 hour delays.

The snow began around 7:00pm and quickly coated area roads.

By 7:00am Friday, the snow was still falling, roads were slick, and schools tapped out.  Those remaining on delay announced snow days and closure, in other words, "HAVE FUN IN THE SNOW".

Checking with our readers, we received word that anywhere from 2 to 4 inches fell across the county.  The highest totals were recorded in the higher elevations in the northern part of the county and south of the mountain where about 4 inches snow fell.

As traffic began moving, volunteer firefighters and fire police were out helping police close roads.  No major accidents were reports but several tractor trailers and other vehicles snarled traffic for a bit.

Once the snow stopped, the winds picked up and temperatures dropped.  Anyone out shoveling felt the burn as the strong winds were blowing snow around.

Afternoon temperatures only reached the low 20's Friday and were expectedly to drop into the low teens Friday night into Saturday morning.

Saturday is looking precipitation free until the next system moves in on Sunday when a wintry mix is expected.

We will have more on that weather on Saturday.

Enjoy the snow, Winter is here!

Submitted Photo/Kenny Marlow of Fountain Springs