Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Former WWE Wrestler and Boxer Speaks to Schuylkill County Youth About Making the Right Choices

On Tuesday, Schuylkill County Mental Health hosted a program for Middle and High School kids that included a presentation by Marc Mero.

Mero, a former WWE wrestler and boxer, has been touring the United States for several years, telling his life story about overcoming adversity.  That story included fame, fortune, drugs, and having everything he ever wanted.  The cost of that fame and fortune was losing precious time with his loved ones, nearly dying from overdoses, and depression.

Mero visited Martz Hall in Pottsville and Minersville High School on Tuesday where he talked about making the right "Choices".  Students, ranging from 5th grade to 12th grade, from all the Schuylkill County school districts travelled to hear the presentation.

The presentation included the topics of bullying, depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal thoughts, setting goals and dreaming big.

"I'm here today to show these kids that they are true champions." Mero said.  "Growing up in poor in the West side of Buffalo,  I can relate to the struggles these kids go through when they are picked on or bullied.  Seeing the amount of depression and suicide, which is now at epidemic levels,  it inspires me to want to make a difference to hopefully get a kid to hang on.  Maybe open up and not hold it inside." Mero added.

During his presentations in front of the almost 3,000 students, you could hear a pin drop.  He spoke about growing up, being called "Bum" as a kid because of the way he dressed, eventually getting into boxing and wrestling were he achieved fame and fortune.  It was at this point he turned to drugs and nearly died 3 times because of overdoses.  He also talked about his wife divorcing him after 10 years of marriage, and losing his father, mother, sister, and brother and not being there for them when they needed him most.

Afterwards, he met with kids, even a few who walked up to him in tears relating to the story they just heard.

Pottsville Superintendent Sarah Yoder said "Thank you to Schuylkill County Mental Health and Developmental Services for organizing and providing funds to host motivational speaker Mark Mero in Martz Hall for approximately 2,000 Schuylkill County students. We are grateful for Mark’s inspiration and dedication to society. The Pottsville Area School District encourages DHHL Middle School students to reflect on Mark’s message of the impact that choices have on the tragedies and triumphs in all of our lives. We want our students to pursue their passions in life by asking the question Mark challenged us with, “What will you do differently tomorrow that you didn’t do today to take steps toward your dream and goals?”