Monday, August 8, 2022

SCAM ALERT: Text Scam Uses Fire Company Name to Sell T-Shirts

A new scam is trying to target local Schuylkill County and Pennsylvania residents into thinking they are helping their local fire companies.

This new scam is sending texts to residents claiming to be selling t-shirts for their local fire company.  Just today, Monday, Schuylkill County residents received texts from a number claiming to be selling t-shirts for the Shenandoah Heights Fire Company.

The texts contain a link that take you to a page making you think you are buying one of the fire company's t-shirts.  

We checked with the Shenandoah Heights Fire Company this evening and they told us, they are not selling the shirts.  It's unclear if you actually receive a t-shirt, but nonetheless, you aren't supporting the fire company you think you are.

Within the last 24 hours, numerous new stories have popped up around the web claiming the same story.

We are told there is an active investigation into these texts. For now, be cautious about what links you click in random texts and what you are buying online.