Friday, September 16, 2022

Maria Casey Announces Intent to Run for Schuylkill County Commissioner

This past weekend, Maria Casey, of Minersville, announced her intent to run for the office Schuylkill County next year.

Casey, a Republican and the current County Clerk of Courts and former Assistant District Attorney, says common sense and common values is what she will bring to the Commissioner's Office if elected.

"My focus has been on delivering quality service to the Taxpayers." Casey said.

"My Office consistently operates under-budget and I will continue this practice as Commissioner. There will be an abrupt end to the out of County Consultants that are costing the Taxpayers millions of dollars. We have the people in house to do this work. Common sense.  Next, no more massive legal fees paid to lawyers on the Taxpayer's dime. If you are a County Official in litigation, pay your own fees. Common sense." Casey added.

Casey has attended several Commissioner's Meetings over the past several months where she publicly opposed members of her own party on the approval of the upcoming tax re-assessment and the way meetings were operated.

"Is a County re-assessment for taxes prudent when it will cost millions and increase taxes for the homeowners who care for their properties?  Why was the decision to move forward with the re-assessment done without any Public input or respect for the Taxpayers? There must be Public involvement in this process. Common sense." Casey said.

"The hard work and heritage of this County's people must be respected. We serve you. Under my administration, there will be total transparency and interaction with the Public, not just three minutes of Public Comments at the weekly Commissioner's meetings.
She also said she will focus on "Common Values" like providing more assistance to the County's senior citizens.

Casey has held the office of Clerks of Courts since 2020.  Prior to taking office, she was an Assistant District Attorney for then District Attorney Christine Holman.

The three seats for County Commissioner will be on the ballot in 2023, who are currently held by a Republican Majority by Barron Hetherington and George Halcovage.  Gary Hess is the lone Democrat.