Friday, October 28, 2022

Shenandoah Valley and Mahanoy Area to Play for Damato-Szematowicz Trophy

On Friday night, Shenandoah Valley and Mahanoy Area will play their annual football game for the Damato-Szematowicz Trophy.

This year's game will be held at the Devils' Veteran's Stadium in Shenandoah.

The Devils haven't won this game in 10 years since 2012 when they defeated the Bears 27-6.

As with tradition, both teams met Thursday evening for a dinner hosted by the Rotary where the Seniors from both teams were recognized.

Kick off for the game is at 7:00pm.  Skook News will have coverage from the game later this weekend.

Submitted Photos

Shenandoah Valley Senior Players:

Seated L-R: Erick Hernandez, SV Head Coach Ed Moran, Lucas Zelinsky, & Anthony Lorah. Standing: Timothy Johnson, Aaryn Nickerson, Juan Ruiz & Zach Slater. Absent: Hunter Teter.

Mahanoy Area Senior Players:

Seated L-R: Dylan Andrusichen, Louie Frye, Andrew Pollack, & Ben Manley. Standing: Noah Hayes, Joe Lagaza, MA Head Coach Paul Babinsky, David Sanchez, & Billy Bachman.