Thursday, January 12, 2023

Red, White & Blues sponsored by the Greater Schuylkill Haven Business Association

Red, White & Blues is a patriotic tribute to both our American Heroes and Blues music, with a taste of our Schuylkill coal miners’ Boilo.
Join the Greater Schuylkill Haven Area Business Association (GSHABA) at the Walk In Art Center on Friday January 27, 2023 (snow date January 28th) from 6 to 10 pm. Wear your red, white and blues to honor our heroes with the American Legion’s color guard from Post #29 at 6:30 pm, followed by music by The Ann Kerstetter Band. Ticket price includes food, drinks, music and dancing. You don’t want to miss the boilo contest and the 50/50 raffle! Master blenders are welcome to sign up, limited openings are still available.

Known for stellar harmonies, the Ann Kerstetter band really gets the audience into it.

“We will be performing our original and classic Blues, mixed with classic rock songs by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cream, Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Stones and Zeppelin to name just a few,” says Kerstetter. “We just like to give the audience a great show.”

Ann continued to impress the Blues community with her heartfelt and electric live performances and her debut CD “Classics”. In his review of “Classics” Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine Jun/Jul says….” Kerstetter is a fabulous singer with personality, wide emotional range and a welcome lack of affectation.”

Traditional blues music is often characterized by emotive lyrics, guitar driven accompaniment and a twelve AAB song format that blues musicians embellish as they wish. While the roots of blues music definitively draw from the Black American culture, artists of all races play contemporary blues.

There is no precise moment when the blues started and different regions developed their own styles over time. Although blues styles differ, one thing was the same in each variation of the blues: the scales and chords were similar. Each style of blues relied heavily on singers, and some of the earliest recorded blues performances were of singers accompanied either by guitar, banjo or piano.

GSHABA‘s President Jeff Spotts of Spotts Insurance Group shared his thoughts about the upcoming event. “Honoring our American heroes through a color guard is a great way to recognize our military, both active as well as our veterans. We can never thank them enough, and not just our military but also our first responders and police officers. What better way to recognize them then to celebrate the “Red, White & Blues!”

Ceil Michalik GSHABA member since 2014 and past president stated: “We also wanted to have some

fun and recognize our coal mining heritage, as I am a granddaughter and niece of a coal miner who worked at Coal Mine #9 in Lansford. There will be a Boilo contest, and later a tasting, as family recipes will

be shared.” Boilo was a local drink enjoyed by the miners to chase away the coal dust after a long day in the mines, and still shared today often to “cure” the common cold!

For more information about the event, ticket sales and boilo contest contact or the Walk In Art Center’s website, .