Sunday, May 14, 2023

Brush Fire near Frackville Burns Over 130 Acres


A fast-spreading brush fire burned for hours Sunday near Frackville.

Early Sunday afternoon, brush crews were called to the area of the Whippoorwill Dam in the Altamont Section of West Mahanoy Township near Frackville for a report of a brush fire.  Early dispatch reported the fire started from a campfire.

High winds and dry conditions fueled the fire and it quickly spread.

The fire hit multiple alarms calling in nearly every brush unit from around Schuylkill County.

The fire itself continued to move in multiple directions which made containing the fire even more difficult.

Morea Road was closed for a period of time as the fire spread in that direction and smoke conditions became worse in the area.  Additional engines were dispatched to monitor the homes along Morea Road in fear of the homes catching fire due to the flying embers.

DCNR forestry units arrived on scene and began to attempt to control the fire by starting back burns near the Laurel Ridge Development.  Air drops from planes were also used.

By 7:00pm, Sunday, local fire units were cleared of the scene while DCNR continued to contain the fire.

By 9:00pm, the fire was contained and by 10:15pm, all units cleared the scene.

According to officials, 133.3 acres burned during the blaze.