Monday, July 31, 2023

Road Project on Route 54 to Begin Monday to Facilitate New Mahanoy Business Park Entrance

MAHANOY TOWNSHIP - In an effort to pave the way for the upcoming Mahanoy Business Park, a road project is set to begin on Monday, July 31st, 2023, on Route 54 near Mahanoy City. 

The development project, led by NorthPoint Development, has received a Highway Occupancy Permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), greenlighting the necessary roadwork to accommodate the new business park.

With the vision of creating an efficient and accessible entry point for the Mahanoy Business Park, the contracted construction team will undertake various road modifications to counteract any potential traffic impacts brought about by the development.

One of the primary alterations will focus on the area of Route 54 at Interstate 81, where the I-81 north off-ramp will undergo relocation, accompanied by adjustments to the nearby islands and medians. 

Moreover, on the eastbound side of Route 54 from the I-81 off-ramp, the road will be widened for approximately 2,100 feet. This extension will involve the expansion of the centerline median and the incorporation of a second eastbound lane along Route 54, extending for around 1000 feet.

Additionally, as part of the project's comprehensive approach to traffic management, a new driveway entrance with a traffic signal will be constructed. This entrance will have a right turn deceleration lane and a left turn lane, ensuring smooth access for vehicles entering and exiting the Mahanoy Business Park. Safety measures will be further enhanced through the installation of highway lighting along the newly constructed right turn deceleration lane.

The contractor responsible for the roadwork intends to commence the project on Monday, marking the official start of the development phase.

Motorists and residents in the vicinity are urged to remain vigilant during the construction period, obey traffic regulations, and exercise caution while traveling through the modified sections of Route 54.

The development of the Mahanoy Business Park is expected to revitalize the local economy, generating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth in the region. Once completed, the new business park is projected to be a hub of commercial activity, attracting businesses from various sectors.

PennDOT and NorthPoint Development anticipate that the road project will be carried out efficiently, enabling the Mahanoy Business Park to commence operations on schedule.