Monday, August 14, 2023

Fifth Annual Street Basketball Tournament Raises Funds for Greg Stanalonis Sr Memorial Scholarship

FRACKVILLE - Arch Street Park witnessed intense basketball showdowns as 10 teams battled it out in the fifth annual street basketball tournament. 

The event served not only as a platform for asserting supremacy on the court but also as a means to generate funds for the revered Greg Stanalonis Sr Memorial Scholarship.

Initiated by Danville resident Greg Stanalonis Jr, a proud native of Frackville, the tournament's origins are rooted in a heartfelt desire to commemorate his father's legacy. The tournament emerged as a touching tribute after the passing of Greg Stanalonis Sr in April 2019. The scholarship established in his honor became a way to immortalize his enduring passion for basketball, a sport he embraced for over 15 years as a dedicated PIAA basketball referee.

Onlookers and enthusiasts alike witnessed the culmination of years of dedication and community support as teams competed in a high-stakes double elimination bracket on Saturday. 

Stanalonis Sr's profound affection for the game found new life in the form of the scholarship, which has been made possible through the generosity of donors and the resounding success of the annual tournament. This scholarship, in turn, bestows a yearly academic honor upon a deserving Schuylkill County basketball player, ensuring that Stanalonis Sr's love for basketball continues to shape the lives of aspiring athletes.

The climax of the day-long tournament saw a gripping face-off between defending champions Re/Max of Reading and the formidable contenders "Culture 2 Culture". The court bore witness to electrifying plays, rapid passes, and impressive displays of sportsmanship. As the final whistle blew, it was Re/Max of Reading who emerged victorious, securing this year's championship title and claiming the coveted trophy.

As the sun set on the bustling courts of Arch Street Park, the tournament's impact extended beyond the applause and cheers. With each jump shot and slam dunk, the legacy of Greg Stanalonis Sr perseveres, ensuring that his profound love for the game continues to shape the dreams and aspirations of future basketball stars in Schuylkill County.