Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Man Faces Theft Charges After Stealing Two Televisions from a Schuylkill County Walmart

RUSH TOWNSHIP - A Rhode Island man is facing theft charges after he stole two televisions from a Walmart in Schuylkill County, then attempted to steal two more in Luzerne.

Atahualpa Santana-Martinez, a 28-year-old male from Providence, Rhode Island, found himself in the custody of law enforcement after a series of thefts involving valuable electronics. The suspect was caught attempting to flee with stolen merchandise from multiple Walmart locations, prompting an investigation that led to his arrest.

The incident began at the Walmart Supercenter situated on 35 Plaza Drive in Rush Township, near Tamaqua. On August 11th, 2023, the Pennsylvania State Police at Frackville received reports of a retail theft from the store. Santana-Martinez was observed loading two LG UHD Al Thin Q 43" televisions, each valued at $258.00, into his shopping cart.

After making his selections, the suspect bypassed the store's cash registers, opting to leave the premises without making any attempt to pay for the stolen items. The value of the stolen merchandise totaled $516.00. Surveillance footage captured the suspect's actions, aiding law enforcement in their investigation.

Santana-Martinez's brazen theft did not go unnoticed, as the PSP Hazelton received information regarding his attempt to steal yet more televisions. 

This time, the incident unfolded at the Walmart located on 761 Airport Road in Hazle Township, Luzerne County. The suspect's actions mirrored his previous attempt: he was spotted attempting to take two LG UHD Al Thin Q 43" TVs, without proper payment.

Quick police action led to the suspect's apprehension, culminating in his identification by PSP Hazelton officers. Following his arrest, Santana-Martinez was charged with a single count of retail theft (M1), with his case set to be heard at Magisterial District Judge Stephen Bayer's office in Tamaqua.