Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Orwigsburg Residents Come Together to Celebrate Successful National Night Out Event

ORWIGSBURG - The spirit of unity and community was alive and thriving as the Orwigsburg Police Department hosted its annual National Night Out event on Tuesday evening.

Orwigsburg's M&T Bank parking lot was transformed into a hub of activity and excitement, bringing together residents of all ages.

The event commenced with a police car parade that featured the participation of multiple law enforcement agencies, setting the stage for a night of celebration, safety, and connection. The officers of the Orwigsburg Police Department took center stage, providing an opportunity for community members to engage with the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to ensure their security and well-being.

Highlighting the educational aspect of the event, a Pennsylvania State Game Warden delivered enlightening presentations, shedding light on the region's natural beauty and the importance of conservation efforts. Attendees had the chance to learn more about their local environment and the vital role of these guardians of wildlife.

Smokey the Bear and Scruff McGruff added a touch of delight to the proceedings as they interacted with attendees, reinforcing essential lessons in fire safety and crime prevention with their engaging personas.

The event's attractions extended beyond informative sessions, with entertainment options that catered to all interests. Laughter echoed as youngsters bounced to their hearts' content in the bounce house, while the dunk tank provided an opportunity for good-natured banter and the question on everyone's minds - could they successfully dunk an Orwigsburg Police Officer?

Free ice cream brought smiles and joy, perfectly complementing the warm summer evening.

The event's success was solidified by the engagement in the various games offered, fostering a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie among families and friends who gathered to celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

"It's a community building event, between the police and the community. It's an opportunity for people to come out interact with officers in a setting that isn't an emergency or isn't, you know, any other sort of stressful incident and it's an opportunity for people to come out and not only meet the police but meet their other neighbors as well in a community. and we are fortunate for it." said Officer Robert Bechtel of Orwigsburg Police Department.

Story and Photos by Todd Bernhard / Skook News