Friday, August 4, 2023

Quick Response by First Responders Rescues Toddler from Near-Drowning Incident in Frackville

FRACKVILLE – A potential drowning incident was averted on Thursday afternoon when swift action from local authorities and emergency personnel saved a 2-year-old girl. 

Around 12:15pm, Thursday, Frackville Police Officer Joe Murton received an alert from Peyton Merena, an employee of the Borough Public Works, regarding a child in distress near the intersection of Willow and Frack Streets, located just behind the Frackville police station.

Upon reaching the scene, Officer Murton learned that a toddler had accidentally fallen into a residential swimming pool. The child's grandmother, who was present at the scene, acted swiftly by pulling the child out of the water, but the child remained unresponsive. 

Officer Murton immediately contacted EMS. Off-duty paramedic Taylor Galen was coincidentally nearby and rushed to provide medical aid to the child alongside the arriving EMS team. Through their combined efforts, the child regained consciousness.

The toddler was subsequently transferred to the Shenandoah Helipad, where a Geisinger LifeFlight helicopter was awaiting to airlift her to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest medical center in Allentown. 

In addition to the Frackville Police and paramedic Taylor Galen, personnel from the Frackville Ambulance, Shenandoah Ambulance, Butler Township Police represented by Officer John Kaczmarczyk, and Schuylkill County Domestic Relations Officer Robert Phillips, responded to the scene.