Monday, August 14, 2023

Two Shenandoah Valley Graduates Honored for Joining the Pennsylvania State Police

SHENANDOAH - Two Shenandoah Valley graduates recently had their names added to a plaque that recognizes those that have joined the Pennsylvania State Police.

In June of 2016, the Shenandoah Valley Student Council held a special ceremony to honor the 52 men and women from the Shenandoah area who became members of the Pennsylvania State Police. To commemorate the event a special plaque was hung on the wall in the high school lobby that listed their names and honoring them for their unselfish willingness to serve as agents of law enforcement.

Over the years since that impactful event, the list of local troopers has expanded, with five additional names earning a rightful place of honor. The late additions, John Szczyglak, Nicholas Reese, Greg Monaghan, and most recently, Shenandoah Valley alumni William Moyer Jr., from the SV Class of 2012, and Adam Sajone, from the SV Class of 2014, have solidified their commitment to public service by becoming integral members of the Pennsylvania State Police.

Trooper Sajone and Trooper Moyer were joined by their families during a recent induction of their names onto the plaque.

The unyielding dedication of these troopers has elevated the total number on the SV/PSP plaque to an esteemed tally of 57. Their willingness to serve as unwavering agents of law enforcement continues to inspire their community and generations to come.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: Left to right: Michael Sajone, father of Trooper Adam Sajone, and his mother Mary Sajone, Brianna Moyer holding her son William Moyer III, Marion Zienkiewicz’s mother of Trooper William Moyer Jr. and his father Wiliam Moyer.