Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Pennsylvania Senate Approves Bill to Move 2024 Primary Election Date to March

HARRISBURG - The Pennsylvania State Senate approved a bill on Wednesday to shift the date of the 2024 primary election. 

The proposal, known as Senate Bill 224, was greenlit by a vote of 45-2 and is now set to move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Sen. Dave Argall (R-29), the bill's primary sponsor, explained that the motivation behind the change is to empower Pennsylvania voters. As the fifth most populous state in the nation, Argall believes that Pennsylvanians should have a more influential role in choosing presidential candidates.

Argall stated, "In most Presidential primary elections, the outcome is largely decided before our voters have a chance to make their voice heard at the polls." The proposed adjustment aims to address this issue by moving the primary date forward by five weeks.

As per the existing law, the 2024 Pennsylvania primary election was scheduled for April 23, 2024. However, under Senate Bill 224, this date would be moved up to March 19, 2024. This change could potentially result in Pennsylvania voters having a more significant impact on the overall selection of presidential candidates.

In addition to the desire for a more prominent role in the primary process, the current primary date also poses a conflict with the Jewish holiday of Passover. Traditional Jewish law prohibits activities such as writing, driving, and the use of electricity on Passover, which could effectively disenfranchise many Jewish voters.

Story by J. Reed / Skook News