Sunday, January 14, 2024

Schuylkill County Detectives Seek St. Clair Man on Active Bench Warrant

Schuylkill County Detectives have reached out to the public for assistance in locating a wanted man from St. Clair.

Darryl James Becker, 59, is currently the subject of an active bench warrant. He has been declared an Absconder for violating the conditions of probation, stemming from the original charge of Driving Under the Influence: Impaired Ability/Incapable of Driving Safely – a Misdemeanor.

Becker is described as standing at 5 feet 10 inches and weighing approximately 160 lbs.

The last known address for Becker was 215 South Morris Street, Saint Clair, PA 17970.

Officials are urging anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Darryl James Becker or any other fugitive in Schuylkill County to contact the District Attorney’s Office at 570-628-1350. Alternatively, individuals can reach out to the Schuylkill County Tip Line at 570-624-3988 or email tips to

In the event of a sighting or contact with Darryl James Becker, the public is asked to immediately call the Schuylkill County 9-1-1 Center.

All information provided will be treated as confidential. A list of Schuylkill County Bench Warrants is accessible on the official county website at