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BUSINESSES OF THE SKOOK: Sughr & Company  58 Kings Village Plaza, Minersville.
My husband and I lost a son back in 2019 from a congenital heart defect. I started doing cupcakes for fundraisers as a means to raise money for the heart foundation. I’ve always made cupcakes for coworkers, friends, etc. but this is what really made me take the jump into everything.

I have a food truck that I run that got licensed in July of 2022, which was a long difficult journey. We had to fix everything inside of it, it was a mess. It took 9 months to get it licensed, and to bring it all together. I started doing events at this point, and every weekend I was selling out. I had a really good following from already doing the fundraisers. I never really planned on having a store front, because I thought to myself, well a store front just selling cupcakes isn’t going to be successful. So, I had to think outside the box to make people come in more frequently. Additionally, I wanted to benefit the community as they showed up for us in the past when we needed help. I got to thinking and looked at places around the area. I got word of this space in Kings Village – great location, huge parking lot, everything about it was a great location. At this point though I needed to figure out what made the store different. I reached out to three other bakers that I really liked, because I wanted to focus on cupcakes, but wanted to bring other options into the store. They were all on board, so I went forward with everything. Little by little I keep adding to the store.

The best way to describe the store is “community over competition.” There are a total of 15 bakers now, and everyone has room to succeed. We offer gluten free options and are always looking for items to add based on customer suggestions. We’ve recently added Honeybrook Farm pick-ups on Wednesdays. Customers are able to purchase their meats directly from the HBF website to conveniently pick up at Sughr.

Opening this store was a hurdle, but I was lucky, and things have gone really smoothly. Don’t give up on your dreams and take help when offered help. I am the type of person that likes to do things by myself. I’ve learned that I am not a plumber, I am not an electrician, I put out feelers on Facebook, and people showed up to help. I would not be able to do this all without help from our friends and family.

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Photos by Jocelyn Barrett /@People of Skook /Danie Mae Photography, LLC

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