Wednesday, May 14, 2014

COAL REGION CONNECTIONS: In the Coal Region, Wednesday Is Not Hump Day, It's Auction Day

We would like to welcome a guest blogger for the following post.  The following was written by Mark Marek from Coal Region Connections.


The Hometown Farmers Market has been a coal region fixture for over 50 years...a family-run business owned & operated by the Dunn family. It's proof "mom & pop" businesses can survive & flourish in the coal region during the best of times & worst of times.

This 12 acre facility with lots of free parking is open every Wednesday year-round from 8am-8pm. It attracts between 6,000-10,000 people & between 300-400 vendors daily during the peak season. They do special craft shows in the spring & fall. You name it & they probably have it at the Hometown Farmers Market--fresh produce, meats, poultry, home-baked goods, new & used collectibles--the list is endless. It's a wonderful place for people to go & socialize on a Wednesday--especially area senior citizens.

The Hometown Farmers Market also provides a major economic boost to other local businesses. After a day of shopping & strolling, many visit places like Skipper Dippers for a Leiby's ice cream cone or the Beacon, 2 Kings, Or Basile's for lunch or supper. My visits to the Hometown Farmers Market years ago was not complete without a stop at Vitale's Country House across the street to enjoy some of Lou & Eleanor Vitale's excellent Italian cuisine (boy--I also have great "after the ballgame" Vitale's memories too) What do YOU enjoy or remember the most about the Hometown Farmers Market? Please COMMENT below. 1 final question to "old timers": why do folks refer to the Hometown Farmers Market as "the Hometown Auction". It's been a farmers market for decades, but people still call it "the auction".


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