Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3-4 Inches of Snow Expected for Schuylkill County on Friday

While the first day of Spring is Friday, March 20th. It seems Winter isn't giving up yet.
As of Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service is predicting that Schuylkill County is expected to see 3-4 inches of snow.  The majority of the storm is expected Friday morning and afternoon.  Areas further south and to the east could see more of a mix of precipitation.

This storm has been debated over the past few days and other forecasters are disagreeing on the models. and the Weather Channel are forecasting slightly less,1-3 inches, for our area. .

Ryan Fannock, Tamaqua, from Fall-Winter Discussion & Spring-Summer Discussion had the following to say about Friday.

"A few inches of snow is possible across Schuylkill County on Friday. Since it's late March, the forecast becomes tougher. Sun angle, ground temp, and timing play a huge factor. Since this event is mainly during daylight hours, roads may just stay wet. Most accumulations will be on grassy surfaces, cars, etc. Elevations stand the best chance at measurable snow. Models are in a bit of a disagreement, so there's still some uncertainty. Elevations may end up in the 2-4" range while lower terrain may only squeeze out a light coating to an inch of snow. Regardless of how much snow sticks, it'll be enough for road crews to lay fresh salt on the roads. If you had plans to wash your car, hold off until the weekend."

Spring arrives at 6:45pm on Friday.

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