Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New Additions for the 2015 Knoebels Season

There has been a lot of talk about Knoebel's new Impulse rollercoaster but it's not the only new addition this year.

The Knoebels' Facebook page has been slowly releasing new additions over the past couple days and this is what we know so far.
  • Last season, three ticket booths accepted credit cards. This season, all ticket booths will accept credit cards! New point of sale systems have been installed in other locations throughout the park, too.
  • The Giant Wheel was completely refurbished this off-season! Over the past few days, the Knoebels team has been reassembling it, and this spring, a brand new LED light package will be added to it!
  • Brand New Web site:
  • For some, food is the best “ride” at Knoebels. The Round Stand has been expanded and will now serve cheesesteaks that were previously available only during Hallo-Fun. New menu items can be found at other stands throughout the park, too! Check out the menus on our new web site!:
  • Work on Impulse is still under way and as of Wednesday morning, but the park is still planning on having the ride open for opening day on Saturday, April 25th.

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