Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Schuylkill County Fair to Feature Talent

This year on the Schaeffer Harley Indoor Stage, the Schuylkill County Fair is proud to feature some of the talent that lives with in the boundaries of the county. 

Starting on Monday, August 1 the indoor stage will feature LA Dance Theatre (http://la-dancetheatre.com/) at 5:30 and 6:30. 

The theatre will perform a number of short dance routines featuring younger members of the group. On Tuesday, August 2 Vivian’s Dance Studio (570.385.2121) will feature a number of talented performers in motion. 

Wednesday Xtreme Fitness Saint Clair (Facebook:Xtreme Fitness) will take the stage and are sure to put a few of you through an extreme workout. 

Thursday, The Minor Notes Chorale (www.minornotes.org) will be performing a number of vocal pieces. Fri & Sat. Tammy Wapinsky of Tammara Wapinsky Studio(www.wapinskyvoicelessons.com) will belt out a number of vocal favorites. 

Just from the line up here, you can see that Schuylkill County has talent and it will be featured on the indoor stage as the Schuylkill Talent Show Case.