Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Two Die in Crash on Interstate 81 Wednesday Afternoon

Two people died in crash Wednesday Afternoon on Interstate 81.

Around 2:15, Wednesday, emergency personnel were called the Northbound lanes of Interstate 81 at Milemarker 121, between Highridge and Frackville, for a motor vehicle accident involved 2 tractor trailers and other two vehicles.

Authorities say two people died when one of the vehicle burst into flames during the crash.

One other person in the crash was flown to an area hospital due to burns suffered in the crash.

As 4:00pm, Interstate 81 northbound was still closed from the Minersvile Exit to the Frackville Exit.

Southbound lanes near the crash are down to one lane as they are using the emergency crossings to clear the stranded northbound traffic to the southbound lanes.

More details when they are available.

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