Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pennsylvania Department of Health Issues Warning About Rabid Fox near Shenandoah

The Pennsylvania Health Department has issued a statement to the residents of West Mahanoy Township in regards to a  rabid fox that was found in the area of New Road in Lost Creek, West Mahanoy Township on August 14.
Anyone with a bite or other significant human exposure to the saliva or central nervous system fluid from this animal should contact the Schuylkill County State Health Center Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m., at (570) 621-3112. After hours, or to call toll-free, call

The Department of Health is asking anyone with a pet that has been injured by this animal should contact his or her veterinarian for advice about protecting you and your family.

A boy was reportedly bitten on Monday of this week.

Health officials advise residents to make sure that all pets (dogs, cats, ferrets) that can be vaccinated are currently vaccinated against rabies since other animals in the area may develop rabies.

Also, Avoid contact with all wild or stray animals especially bats, raccoons, foxes and skunks.

Health experts are asking people in the area to share the information with others it in the area that the animal was found.

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