Wednesday, December 20, 2017

North Schuylkill STEM Project Has Students Design Cardboard Boats

On Wednesday in the North Schuylkill High School Natatorium, Mr. Stone's 2nd and 8th Period CAD Classes participated in the 1st Annual Dutch Kitchen Kup Regatta.

The event was part of the STEM project that Stone's 2nd and 3rd year CAD students thought of and organized.

The students had to design a boat made out of cardboard and duct tape that two students had to sit in and row the length of the pool and back. Each team was limited to 4 sheets of cardboard approximately 4 ft x 7 ft and 4 rolls of duct tape.

Each team member had to design a cardboard boat, then the team incorporated design elements from each team member boat into a team boat. Then the teams constructed their boat.

Students had to overcome several issues including, How to design the boat to be strong enough to hold two students, How to design the boat to withstand the forces that water will put upon the hull of the boat, How to conserve materials so that there is enough to provide strength but not use material were it is not needed, How much surface area is required to support the weight if the students on water, How much water will be displaced and how much force will be put on the cardboard, What is the life cycle of the cardboard boat.
The teams included:

2nd period CAD, Peanut Brothers and Jelly
Boat Name: “X”
Team Members: Joey Antolick, Drew Mashack, Ari Wolfe, Nathan Griffin, Avery Roberts, Brian Dziczek, Daniel Tomtishen, Doug Weist

8th Period CAD, Spartan Sailors
Boat Name: SS Carson Wentz
Team Members: Emma Nalesnik, Luke Halko, Jack Kempsey, Darin Gregas, DJ Zaleski, Kevin Kovach

During the race, both boats survived and the 8th Period Class won the race.