Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Pottsville Police Announce Traffic Regulations and Parking Restrictions Ahead of Lager Jogger

Due to the Yuengling Light Lager-Jogger 5K race and block party being held in Pottsville on Saturday April 21, 2018, the Pottsville Police have announced the following temporary changes in traffic and parking.

Block Party area:

Mahantongo St from Third to Seventh Street. Vendors will be on scene setting up stands Friday during the day. Restricted traffic flow will be able to pass through the area until 6:00am Saturday, at which time the area will be closed off to all vehicular traffic. The roadway will be reopened at approximately 12:00pm Saturday. There will be NO PARKING in the block party area beginning at 8:00am Friday 04/20 through 1:00pm Saturday 4/21.

Race Route:

Start/finish at 7th & Mahantongo St.; Mahantongo St from 7th to 19th St.; 19th St from Mahantongo St to Norwegian St.; Norwegian St from 19th to 22nd St.; 22nd St from Norwegian St to Mahantongo St.; Mahantongo St from 22nd to 20th St.; 20th St. from Mahantongo St to Howard Ave.; Howard Ave from 20th St to 12th St.; 12th St from Howard Ave to Mahantongo St.; Mahantongo St from 10th St to 7th St.

There will be temporary NO PARKING regulations in effect along the race route beginning at 6:30am on Saturday until the completion of the race (This is expected to be approximately 11:00am).

Please be advised: NO TRAFFIC WILL BE ALLOWED ON OR ACROSS THE RACE ROUTE FROM APPROXIMATELY 8:00am THROUGH THE COMPLETION OF THE RACING EVENT. Please plan ahead, if necessary, to deal with this temporary regulation.

Anyone with specific issues associated with the above listed temporary regulations is asked to call the Pottsville Bureau of Police at (570) 622-1234, ext 350

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