Monday, May 28, 2018

Gordon Opens Time Capsule from Demolished School

A time capsule saved from a school that was demolished earlier in Gordon was opened Monday.

In January, the Gordon Public School was demolished after sitting empty since 1974.

During demolition, crews found a cornerstone with a time capsule inside.  Instead of opening the capsule immediately, borough officials scheduled the opening as part of their Memorial Day festivities.

On Monday, after the borough's annual Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade, residents filled the Gordon Fire Hall where the time capsule would be opened.

Borough residents, Barbara Liem and and Nina Kramer, spoke prior to the capsule opening.  Liem talked about her love the community and asked borough residents who went to the school to stand talk about themselves a little.  Many had talked about being born and still residing in Gordon, with one gentleman, who returned from Connecticut.

Kramer read a poem and talked about her love for the school and concluded with "We love Gordon and we loved our school.  Anyone that attended knows what I'm talking about and those that will never attend will never know what you missed".

Borough Manager Jason Quick had the honors of opening the capsule where he found a small tin box.  The box, which was about 6 inches by 6 inches, was tightly sealed to the point it took nearly 10 minutes for Quick to open it.

After cracking a few jokes about the durability of the box, Quick was able to slowly pull a piece of paper from the box.  On the paper it stated:

"In Gordon, on August 12th, of 1890, the first brick of this building was laid on this day.  The old building which burned down on the 28th of March, 1890 was as located at" with the rest of the note illegible.

The box that the paper was found in was made by Edward Himes, a tinsmith and plumber.

Also found inside the box were two newspapers from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

After the opening, borough residents spent the day talking about the past and present during a block party.